"Imagine Your Songs Pumping With The Same Power, Fatness, And Clarity As The Biggest Top Ten Hits Of Today"

The Best Part Is... You Can Do It In Your Home Studio
*** I will show you how ***

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  1. tochi
    1749 days ago

    i need it

  2. Mo James Moore
    1736 days ago

    Great resource. I’m always looking for things to help in my quest to be better at what I do. Thanks.

  3. Bill McDonald
    1701 days ago

    I would order Khaliq,s book , Hypnotic Music Secrets

  4. Bill McDonald
    1697 days ago

    hello Khaliq, I recieved your book today and started reading it right away, its a great book, with alot of great info I know I’ll use for a long time . thanks so much for putting out a book that is well worth the price of the book itself, thanks again

    Bill McDonald

  5. Sebastijan
    1687 days ago

    Hello.I am trying to find out which of your products would best suit me.Is there a page where all of your products are listed and explained?

    Thank you and very best regards,


  6. Bill McDonald
    1684 days ago

    I just wanted to make sure I was onboard. I have so much respect for you Khaliq. you are my mentor

  7. Bill McDonald
    1684 days ago

    this is a great book Khaliq, I bought this book last week and started it in the afternoon and by noon the next day I was finished, I couldn’t put it down, whats great is its a book I’ll go back to many times. when I mention how hypnotics works with Music they were scratching there heads at first. but after I explained, they were suprised. whats great is knowing this book is only a fraction of what I can look forward to learning from you.

    thanks for a great book

  8. Cairo Dyvine
    1467 days ago

    I really need that book!

  9. Oscar
    1147 days ago

    On a set income taking care of mom, if I could I would but everything I have is right on the money. Peace!

  10. John Hopen
    1127 days ago

    I got your book and have read it twice! I can’t seem to put it down. I keep wanting to go back over it. This book is so great and is written for the “average” person rather than the professional, which I really appreciate. I look forward to taking your thoughts and education to the next level and I am pre-registered for your boot camp in September!!
    You rock it dude!
    Thanks so much!

  11. Mayuresh
    1050 days ago

    I can;t wait to jump into music production/ engineering
    People like Khaliq are so inspiring

  12. Amstore
    784 days ago

    how to …order?